Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday check in

After five days with our Ohio friends the Woodruffs and
a not so great show in Toledo we are home...for one whole
day!  We have a show on Saturday in Lewes DE.  The
campground required a 3-day minimum so we are heading
out today at noon.  Two days to relax, maybe a trip to the
The Show:
St. Peters Art Show in Lewes, DE
my booth is #28 on Mulberry St
9am to 3pm   FREE!

We will be home for 2 days then heading out to the big
Penn State show.
Happy 4th everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy
Glad you arrived home safe and sound. I am sorry to hear we were not so good to you here in Toledo. I just love the picture I bought from you. I was the gal who bought "Serenity" and wants to go to France some day. I have it hanging on the wall right over my computer area where I can look at it alot. My husband likes it as well. Thank you so much for coming to Toledo. Perhaps next year????? Linda Peter