Monday, August 12, 2013


I had a good day at the Lititz Craft Show Saturday.
Great weather.  Sunday, Linda suggested we clean
out our shed... this meant emptying the whole
contents into the yard, then triage the items!
Lets just say the trash is full and the shed looks great!
But now her eye is on the garage next... help!! 

Today I had a early morning bike ride then home to
unpack the van.  After that I painted my Koi...
This little challenge is taking what feels like forever.
And it is no where near done. 

#1 More on the little fishes, then concentrated on the
bottom big one.

#2  a close up view


#3  now on to the top fish.

#4 here is the whole painting...

Mount Gretna is this weekend... get it on your weekend

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