Monday, May 6, 2013


We returned home last night after a not very
profitable weekend.  Set up was Saturday morning
at 5am.  Yes I said 5AM!  So at 4:45am we were in
line to get our space.  We showed until 7pm, that's a
14 hour day outside.  Back in our hotel by 8pm and
sleeping by 9!  Sunday there was an artist breakfast
(bagels and coffee) at 8am and we showed till
5pm, a long hard pack up, 2 hour drive home walking in
the door by 9pm. While a first year show,  it had
seasoned promoters.  A great set of professional artists
and a good location just no people.  Very low crowds.

I got up early this morning and took a bike ride.  Linda
woke up with an idea of scrubbing the tent and tarps.
I mean scrubbing, front and back with little Mr Clean
scrubbies.  Thankfully our helper Lori was her scrubbing
buddie, they worked 4 solid hours.  My tent never looked
so clean!  Although we may need to chat that a clean tent
does not equal better sales!  When she is frustrated she cleans!!
Guess there could be worse habits...
Meanwhile my farm commission is on hold.
My client has a lot of changes and poor photos
so we are having a meeting this weekend to go
over things.  Track season finishes this week.
I had a meet tonight. Boys and Girls won.
Boys are 6-1 and Girls are 5-2!  Not bad.
Several of my good runners are ineligible due to
grades which is so sad at this time of the season. 
Thursday is our final Leagues meet.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that there were low crowds. I hope that your next sales event goes way better! And the clean tent looks great...the green in your yard even looks better! ;)

Shawna from Yellowknife