Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Working on a commission...

I am spending every free moment on my latest
commission.  After a few study pieces, and an approved
sketch I was ready for the drawing.  This is a full
sheet watercolor.  Again up my alley, shaker items!
The drawing took several days, remember I draw free
hand and the drawing needs to be perfect, it is my guide.
Here is the drawing on the watercolor paper (click to enlarge)
It may not look like much but there is a full
day of washes on the left side.

I am starting the yellow delicious apples.
I cannot lie, it has been hectic here. Both Linda and
I are looking rather tired!
I had a big track meet on Saturday (ELCO 22 teams,
our boys took 2nd and our girls 6th .) while Linda spent the day
at her desk.  Sunday I painted while Linda was in
the garden. Oh... I also took the tarp down from around the
studio porch and put up the swing, a sure sign it is spring! 
Monday I painted  and Linda was with her Mom. 
Today was my turn with my Mom and then a track meet
in the afternoon.  (Ephrata -  our boys lost girls won)
Linda's brother was here to remove the storm door
and put in a step for when Mom comes home to make it
easier to get into her apartment.  Bombergers were here,
we are finally getting a new floor put into our bathroom
(not finished yet!) so the hammering continued all day!

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