Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 Still Life Study #9

5"x5" Original Watercolor
$100.00 (unframed + $8 shipping)
Goes to the first email or phone call.
Available till Wednesday 3/27 at 7PM
then the price goes to $225!

Great little window study with strong color.

You probably noticed I have not been blogging
for a while (two weeks); well you never know what
life throws at you.  My mother-in-law took sick. 
We had two all night ER visits followed by 7 days in
the hospital and since she was not strong enough to
come home we had to follow that with some time in a
nursing home.
I managed to continue to teach my classes, did some shows
alone, my two times a week visits to my own Mom and
yes to coach track every night.  Linda has put in long hours
at the hospital and now the nursing home.  Finally her
Mom had three good days in a row so our fingers are
crossed but it has been all consuming and Linda is looking
pretty tired.    As Mom improves, Linda is starting to go
every other day however even on her off days she gets called
in for doctor consults.  My plan is to get back to painting,
I actually have two commissions that clients have been
patiently waiting for me to start. 
I plan to blog... but make no promises!

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Laura Salmon said...

Sending good wishes to you all. Hope Linda's Mom has a speedy recovery and that Linda gets some rest!