Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday check in

I am focused on painting for Open House however
I will try to have a blog painting two times a week.
I spent most of my day drawing a large painting that
Linda is thinking of using as a new print.  So the drawing
must be dead on so the painting turns out really good.
No pressure, I hate when she announces ahead of time one
she is thinking about, means I need to be extra good!
I will use it as a demo painting for you to watch the
steps starting on Monday.  Remember none of the large
paintings I finish will be available until Open House!

This was finished this week.  My Moms hat on a chest. 
Great color and shadows, looks better in person.
You may add it to your wish list!!

I am packed and headed out early in the morning
for Historic  New Castle, DE.  Art on the GreenHeld in Battery Park from 10 to 5
I have attended this show for years.
While last weeks show was super excellent
quality, this week is super crafty!  A great
place to find holiday decorations and lesser
priced gifts and of course I am there,
up on the hill with the artists, space H10.

I am going by myself, I wanted Linda to stay
home and rest up.  She has to focus on Open
House.  But I have a feeling she plans to be
in the garden all day!   We have Porchwalk
coming up and there are craftsman in our back
yard.  The garden got out of control while we
were traveling all summer so I know she is
feeling the pressure to get her hands dirty.

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