Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday set up

No time to paint today so I thought I
would share what goes into an outdoor
set up.
I loaded the van yesterday.
We left at 9:30am and had a very short 30
minute drive to Mount Gretna.
Rather nice after an 11 hour drive to Kentucky!
You cannot drive onto the grounds so this
means carrying and dollying everything in.
I have two spaces, first is to lay the rugs.
Next is the tents, side covers,awings and stake down.

Then the display panels and their covers.
Everything joined together so it does not
blow away or rain in!

So far this part took two of us four hours.
I cannot hang my paintings because the
overnight moisture will make the paper
wrinkle.  So the rest is left for 6:30
tomorrow morning.   We had some icecream
at the Jigger Shop and now we are back

Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show
August 18-19 ~ Sat. 9-6 and Sun. 9-5
I am in my usual space:
"Grove West" #228 on the corner
Rain or shine ~ great quality!
$8 admission… print this out and
spend $50 or more
and I will deduct one admission fee!

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