Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Berkshires Art Festival

My show this weekend:
August 24-26    
Held at Ski Butternut, Routs 23,
Great Barrington, MA
Aug 24-26 ~ Fri. & Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 10-4:30
Excellent quality show!

On a personal side, we rented a movie
"The Way" and I highly recommend it.
Linda is now looking into a pilgrimage
on the El Camino de Santiago (or The
Way of St. James) to the Cathedral of
Santiago de Compostela in Galicia,
north west Spain, where legend has it
that the remains of the apostle,
Saint James the Great, are buried.
And what is scarier is that we have friends

already aware of this and are interested.
Linda put it on her bucket list.
I see a pilgrimage in my near future.

And just to share, below is our baby
Gomez (you can see him on the blog
on Oct. 17, 2011)  He is now huge,
out of everything he sleeps in,
this is a large charger plate he is in.
I think he is hitting the fridge at night
when we are  sleeping.  Our vet will have
a fit.  I see a diet in his future!

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