Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 Red Barn #4

6"x 4" miniature original

I will admit this one is a stretch, there is a corner
of a red gate.  I got hung up on the tree line.  It was on
the same property and it looks really good with the other

Went to the Orchid Exhibit at Longwood Gardens
today.  I thought I would be a little bored but I
really got into the whole flower thing. Took lots
of photos and I think I may do a flower series next
week!  Finished packing for my show tomorrow.
Feb. 24-26
Wilmington & Western Railroad's
2012 Hockessin Art Show

Held at the Hockessin Memorial Hall (Fire Hall)
1225 Old Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, DE
Fri. 5-8PM ~ Sat. 10am-5pm ~ Sun. 11am-4pm
$3.00 admission
30% of my sales are donated to the Railroad!

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