Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Winter Series #7

6"x4" original miniature watercolor
$275.00 (framed 10x8)  Contact the studio

Another view of Gettysburg from last years
winter visit.
This is a great way to build an original
collection.  Most of my clients are simply
propping them around instead of hanging them.

I finished my swan!  This was from our friend
Joan's house and I loved the shadows.  I will frame
it in a 22x20 frame.  Not titled or priced...  the paint
is still wet!

OK... I need to catch you up on the weekend!
Friday, Linda and I gave a lecture at the
Lancaster County Christian School about running
a small (very small!!) business and the arts.
So here I am sharing my wealth of information.
We get back out to the parking lot and the car
will not start.  Had it towed and today found out
it needs a fuel pump...
This was the weekend of our annual get together with
two other couples that have been friends for years.  (Last
year we went to Gettysburg - you can go to Feb 2011
to see the paintings from that trip)   This years trip was
to Alexandria VA.  The snow gave us a late start and we had
a 2.5 hour drive but arrived in town by 11:30ish.  Started
with a visit to the Torpedo Factory.  If I lived closer I would
have a studio here!   Next was lunch at The Wharf and then
off to the  George Washington Masonic Memorial... interesting.
I think there will be books turning up in the house about the
Freemasons.  I will say the view from the top was wonderful
even in overcast weather.  Off to our hotel to change for
dinner at La Tasca for tapas.   On Sunday we were out by 9am.
Breakfast at La Madeleine and then a 10-noon walking history tour.
Heavy into history but I loved it. The guide was excellent but
it was very cold!   Next is lunch at Red Rock where Abbey
and Ben and Kristi (the Linn's daughter who lives close by)
all met us for lunch.  Very nice bonus.  Then home...
Mark & Betsy Linn, Dave & Joan Heft and Linda
I am taking the photo!

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