Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 Holiday Series #14 and #15

4" x 6" Original watercolor
Holiday Series #14 ~   SOLD

4" x 6" Original watercolor
Holiday Series #15  ~ $200.  Contact the Studio

Last one for the season!  
Merry Christmas to all.

Tonight is our annual family Christmas dinner.
It started back in 1979 with us, my parents and Linda's
parents.  Because Linda worked retail at the time
(Donecker's) we started the tradition of eating out on
Christmas Eve.  In 1983 we added Abbey to the gathering.
Then we lost my Dad, added a great son-in-law, Ben
and now my Mom cannot venture out.  This year Abbey
and Ben are away so we are down to four of us.  Life
sure does change over the years.
Off to a great meal at the Lancaster Stockyard Inn.

Blessings to all my supporters.