Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Perfect Harmony

Introducing my new print...
"Perfect Harmony"  
Image: 12 x 16"   ~  edition of only 200
4-color offset lithographs
Print: $50.        Framed Print: $100.

There are times for an artist when it all
comes together. The location with the
perfect composition, the time of day with
the ideal light, and a hint of what lies beyond.
I painted it just as I saw it, with a quiet peace
and perfect harmony.

Linda is updating the website so she will be ready
to take orders for the new prints Thursday
afternoon, or you can call to place an order.
I will show the other print tomorrow.
hint... the title is "Nature's Gifts".

Open House Update: 

Invitations were taken to the Post Office so you should
have yours soon!  More framing and more painting
today.   My brush will be in my hand till about
11pm tonight.

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