Monday, November 7, 2011

10 days till Open House

18x24  Original ~ Available at Open House.

This was from a warm sunny day spent in the
Bedminster, PA ~ Upper Bucks County.  We were
just driving past and the red barn popped right out.

I am painting.  Working on some small ones for
a few days, just to fill in and for a change of pace for
me.  Linda is working with our web guy to update the
website while she is multi-tasking in the studio.  I saw
2 boxes ready for UPS so that means some orders are
rolling in.   I also heard the framing gun for a few
hours this morning so I know there is more framing
being done.  I think we are behind on the menu and
setting up the panels... but I am not asking!!  Just going
back to my paints.

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