Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1 more day till Open House

Here is the run down...
Painting ~ done.
Framing  ~ done and the studio is set up with
a large variety of prints.   The porch is enclosed
and is all set up, that's the check out area.   The
original paintings are all hung and labeled. 
A good cleaning was done yesterday, including the
windows (note eye roll!)  Plus our housecleaner
comes tomorrow for anything we may have missed.
My banner is hung on the porch.
Grocery shopping ~  done.
That leaves making the appetizers.
Here I am helping out in the kitchen... and you thought
all I did was paint!  I am in charge of turning some
spiced nuts.  A tough job, you have to watch the clock!

Tomorrow Linda's buddies come and help her
cook most of the day.  Friday morning flowers
are delivered and the doors open promptly at 2:00!
See you all then.

1 comment:

Joan said...

Have a great open house, I enjoy following your work!
Cadiz, ky