Monday, October 17, 2011


 Untitled watercolor
18" x 14"
This will be available at my Open House
in November.

I had a good weekend in Blue Bell although it
was almost too windy to paint and demonstrate.
This weekend I am heading to Tyler State Park

Open House update:
Stacy came all weekend to cut the piles of mats Linda
had put together.  She still has 3 piles of 30 each of the
8x10 size to go.  Lori was framing 40 ~  8x10's and will continue
that tomorrow.  Linda... I think she was playing with the
new cats but I am acting like she was working!
I do know she proofed the invitation.  Today I went to the 1st
proofing of the new prints.  I am looking at color, I want
my prints to match my original as close as possible.  After
looking at it, I am having the color adjusted.  I use Pemcor
in Lancaster so I can run out whenever they make an adjustment.
Years ago they printed Wyeth's prints.  I like to imagine my
original laying aside of his on the work table... 

Home news: we adopted 3 new cats from the Humane
League. Yes 3, however they have run of the house
and studio and may even go to the upstairs apartment
to visit the in-laws   Here is "Gomez"  a 3 month old,
already in a soft bed on Linda's desk... perhaps why
I think Linda got very little done today... Just a thought.

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