Sunday, October 9, 2011

Demo from the weekend

This past Friday I had my Studio open for
Porchwalk.  I was demonstrating and talking
and finished the basket in my larger painting.

The Basket:
First I must be aware of the light areas where the sun
is hitting the basket and where the darker shadowy
areas are.   As always I am starting with my warm
underwashes of cad. yellow.  Drying between each layer
of color.  I am working from the right side, dark to light.
Building up with yellow ochre and cad yellow slowly
on each weave.  My goal is to keep it warm. 

Next is the definition of the weaves.  In the
horizontal rungs I used burnt umber and a dash of
red. Saving my light areas.  On the top weaving
I used paynes grey and a spot of india ink for the darker
lines.  This is all a slow process of building color and

I actually finished the painting on Saturday
and will share it tomorrow!  I can say it turned
out unbelievable...


Meera Rao said...

Truly beautiful painting --exquisite composition and colors! the light is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing the finished piece. Thanks for sharing the detailed w-i-p in your posts.

Corey Fou Chong said...

I love the variety in colors with strong contrast in lights and darks. I can't wait to see the finished painting.