Tuesday, October 11, 2011

37 days till Open House 2011!

I know, I know, I showed you this yesterday, but frankly
I wanted you to admire it a bit more.  To maybe gush
at how good it is!!

I am not the one counting the days, that credit goes to Linda!  
I was told I had 37  days which sounds like a lot of time but it
flies by.  I teach till the end of this month and have three
more shows so I need to organize what I want to paint in that
time.  Meanwhile most of the other work goes to Linda who
seems to be panicking rather early and I'm not sure why!
She is on schedule, according to the schedule that is posted
by her desk, thankfully I do not get a schedule!  The chosen
paintings are at the printer, after much thought and debate.
We are  doing two this year but in a smaller edition of 200
each.   I will share them later. Linda also met with the other
printer about the design of the invitations.  Lori, our helper
cut the backing boards for the new prints today.
So I am thinking... ahead of schedule.
Meanwhile we need to pack for my weekend show.
I am in Blue Bell, PA for the PA  Guild of Craftsman Show.
Linda is staying home to work so please come out and
keep me company, its OK to bring your checkbook along!

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