Monday, October 31, 2011

18 days till Open House!

 24X20" Original ~ Available at Open House.

I know... this is a bit different for me.  It was
one Linda asked me to do.  I usually do not
like Victorian but this turned out well, I liked the
perspective of just a glimpse into the room.
Linda was right, it is a great painting and was worth
the challenge.

So... snow in October.  If you know me you know
the challenge this is for me.  I was planning to go
into the snow season in a good frame of mind, but
I was not ready this early.  I was at a show in Kutztown
and had to spend the night instead of driving home.
The poor plants in the garden took a beating and
Linda "had" to spend some time out there today!

Open House Update:
All the invitations are ready for the mail!  They
go out on Wednesday, so keep an eye out for yours.
If you are not on my snail mail list and want an invite
email me with your address.
I cut down 4 more cases of glass, Linda is using it faster
than I can cut it! I am signing my new prints tonight,
right after I am finished handing out candy for Halloween.

Happy Halloween to everyone....
Abbey will not be happy about this photo so don't tell her. 
This was Halloween 1987 and she was not quite 4 years old.
So cute!   To her chagrin it was the only store bought
costume, after this we made each one!
Those are definitely 1987 glasses!!

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