Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Statue Progress...

You may need to go back to August 30 to see
where I stopped.  I washed thin layers of
Hookers Green and Paynes Gray, saving my
negative areas.  Dried it, and repeated this step
four times, drying and building texture.  Creating
darker and lighter areas.  I also put some Paynes
Gray washes in the folds of the arm.

Next...I needed to create the impression of branches in
the saved negative areas.  Using washes of Cad.
Yellow and a touch of Pthalo Green.
 I also moved down to work on the roses and darkening
the greens in the foreground.  She is sitting in a bed of
pink roses.
I worked bit more on the folds of the gown. 
Click overeach photo to enlarge.

Classes started today, there is still room in the
Wednesday night and Thursday morning class.
Just send an email.  I am also working
on the latest Paint and Draw Challenge which
I should have ready tomorrow.  The rain is keeping
me at my desk, focused!

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Autumn Leaves said...

How are you saving those spaces, Andy? I seem to remember all kinds of greens in the last post on this beauty!