Monday, August 1, 2011

Shaker Series #15

6" x 4" Original Watercolor
$275.00  Contact the studio!  SOLD

Part of the purpose of my blog is study and
my own growth as an artist.  Lately I have been
interested in angles.  If you look back a few posts
you can follow my interest.  Looking at subjects
from up high and down low.  How the vantage
point changes ones perception.  I challenge you
to look around, pay attention as you walk up and
down steps, notice how objects change.

I actually worked on todays painting on Saturday
at the Lititz Art Show.  Abbey and Ben were
home for a few hours yesterday so I basically
goofed off.  Today was spent on household stuff
and a dentist appointment.  I have something a bit
different in mind for tomorrows blog...

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Autumn Leaves said...

Gorgeous piece, this, Andy. I love that old table and the amazing checkerboard pattern on the basket weave seat of the chair. I also love eBay but just about finished bailing ourselves out of a financial hole only to lose my job when the company sold. I'm rather at a loss as to what to do. Oh to be good enough with my art to sell it!