Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Backyard sunflower

4"x 6" watercolor
$225.00  Contact the Studio
Linda has 3 huge tall sunflowers growing;
reaching towards the sky.  They are so dramatic
at dusk and they have been calling me to paint
them.  I was painting this when the 5.9 earthquake hit!
I found myself rocking in my chair with my brush
dancing across the flower!

Today an earthquake and Hurricane Irene on the weekend.
We are scheduled to be in Norfolk, VA.  I say rain or shine
but take exception to hurricanes!  So the show is currently
up in the air.

Below is my latest statuary painting.  This is a request
from Linda and she is making sure I get the "look" she
wanted.  So I am treating it like a commission, but have found
I am really enjoying it.  I love portraits and this is a great
substitute.  I sketched it in my sketchbook  and then onto my
watercolor paper.  I had the face wrong the first two times.
To angular, she wanted innocent angelic...which is how
the actual sculpture is but hard to capture. Third time was the
charm.  I started painting the face to make sure it was perfect
and Linda is smiling, the hardest part accomplished!  I finished
the rest of the drawing and here is the first stages. 
Linda has this knack of always stretching my skills. 
I think you can click over it to see it better.

1 comment:

Autumn Leaves said...

Gorgeous sunflower with an awesome point of view (love the evergreen). As to the statue? This is more amazing than your last statuary! Methinks I need a Linda!