Monday, June 6, 2011

Blue Bottles #2

4"x 6" watercolor

I am into blue glass at the moment.
Check out the cork!

I am feeling much better.  Without a really good
reason!  I must apologize to all of my clients who
ventured out to the Landsale show on Saturday.
It was truly false advertising.  I actually had to jury
to get in!!  It was listed as Antiques and Art...
There were NO antiques.  ZERO...  the promoter
said they used to have antiques, years ago and
there was very little art.  She keeps the word Antiques
because she receives better promotion and it costs
too much to change the title....  I was $130 in the whole.
BUT... I had a very nice Sunday.  Cleaned and repaired
my bikes which left me feeling refreshed.

Unpacked the van and Linda has to really plan ahead
because we are on the road for three weeks.  Don't worry,
the house is not empty, our parents live here and we have
a house sitter, a yard guy and several friends stopping in!
More going on than when we are home!
Get ready Cleveland Ohio...
6/11-6/12  Chagrin Falls
6/18-6/19 Shaker Heights

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Autumn Leaves said...

Gorgeous bottles and the cork is just the perfect topper! Have a great trip, Andy. So sorry to hear about the show snafu. I would imagine these things happen occasionally.