Friday, April 1, 2011

Onion Snow


Linda called the snow we had lately an Onion Snow!
The last snow of the season. I can agree with that!!

Hey Lititz... tomorrow I am exhibiting at the Millport Conservancy. This is a fundraiser for the Lititz Womans Club. Tickets are $25.00 which includes a very nice evening. From 7-10pm with 20% of my sales going to the Club and staying in the community. FYI: I am having trouble typing spaces in this blog... no matter what I type it just runs all together. So sorry, I will try to check into it.

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Autumn Leaves said...

I find the same problems with the new formatting, Andy. I have to manually use the mouse to click the bar (you know the one that flashes as you stop typing and shows where your next letter or whatever will be?) to the spot I want it to be. That is why I liked the old method better. For some reason, my blog made me change to the new format just recently. Anyway...

I love this beautiful scene. I am almost going to miss the winter snow...