Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Check in

I started with an early morning bike ride; it felt fabulous!
After that I spent my day painting.  Linda wanted to work
in the flower beds so I took my painting outside.  I am painting
for my May Open House, which you should have saved on
your calender. (May 7 & 8).  Meanwhile I will share some of
the progress.

This is my palette.  I use the same set of colors for every painting.
I do not buy new shades for special paintings, I mix them from
the watercolors I own.  Yes it looks messy, I wash it off every
so often.  I am also showing my three favorite brushes.

Now on to the painting...  you may need to scroll back to
review how far I was.  Here I am concentrating on the
side wood, getting that worn old look.  I also added paint to
the handle on the bucket.

Next, I am going deeper into the bucket color, both inside and out.
Adding the lines which form the slats.  Deeper into the handle.

Started the green outside the window.  And if you look closely
I am working the peeled paint on the window frame. 
You can click over each image to enlarge it for a closer look.

I had to stop for track from 3-7pm and I plan to get back to
this tonight.  I will probably paint from 8 to 11pm.
Weekend Update:
Wow, wow, wow!!! 
ELCO Invitational Track Meet  (click if you
want even more details!) was held on Saturday... yes, all day
Saturday. There were 21 teams.  Warwick boys placed 1st and the
girls placed 4th.  I am so PROUD of them.  I had a wonderful day.

On Sunday the Hunters (Abbey's in-laws and our friends)  invited
us to the Fulton Theater to see the play Sweeny Todd.  Totally enjoyed
it and had a wonderful time.  It is nice that we all get along so well.

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Autumn Leaves said...

The weathered slats in this tub look phenomenal, Andy. I'm glad mine isn't the only w/c palette that gets rather messy. And I use it and use it and use it before I wash it out and start over.