Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finished Chair...

Open to suggestions for a title!
Framed to 25x29"

I really enjoyed myself with this painting.  It was a joy.
It is setting on my ledge in the kitchen so I can look at
it.  Framing on Saturday.  This will be at my May 7-8
Spring Open House.

I have a 4 hour marathon class tomorrow.  Last class
until September.


AutumnLeaves said...

Funny you used the word, "joy," Andy. My immediate thought for a title was "Simple Joys." I love the vintage feel to this one, not only the old home and chair, runner and walls, but the fact that the window is open and no screen. In all the old images and movies I've ever seen, this was common and it always makes me think of fresh spring breezes. Love this one!

Marilyn Hantla Russell said...

I have enjoyed every step of this painting. Thank you for sharing the progress. I learned a great deal. I would call the painting "Memory Chair". Marilyn Russell

Ann Marie said...

Just found your blog. All your works are just beautiful. I though Window of (or in) Time would be a nice title.

Marguerite Tennier said...

for me the title would be: Gone to the beach - or any Gone to... that would imply pleasure and fun