Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Check in

I spent the weekend showing and today I had clients visit and then we went to the hospital to spend time with a very sick friend. Back home in time for track... so much for life getting easier when classes were finished! I finished a painting over the weekend and thought I would share the next steps. In our kitchen area we have a chair rail with a ledge. Every finished painting gets placed on the ledge, to be admired, inspected and commented on freely by students, clients, friends and family! I have a student Pat, who I can count on each Tuesday to stand in front of the ledge and say... Ohhh Andy, I just LOVE it! My students are so good for my ego. On the other hand my toughest critic is my darling wife. Rarely does she say she loves one. Usually I catch her inspecting it, studying them each time she walks past. She says little or quizzes me on some part or shading. Actually, the less said the more I know she likes it and the longer they set on the ledge the more I know she likes it because she is "living with it" before it gets framed and put out for sale. Right now there are 5 new paintings on the ledge and she does not seem to be in a hurry so therefore I am feeling pretty confident!! These will be available for my Spring Open House in May.

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Autumn Leaves said...

A great spot and a great idea. I love your wife's love of art, Andy.