Thursday, January 20, 2011

Santa Monica #4

4"x 6" watercolor

A nice view of the beach at Santa Monica.
The palm trees were wrapped with something.
There was a great paved path that we walked
on. It was an overcast day but still exciting
to see the Pacific Ocean.
This morning I helped my brother-in-law,
Karl finish gutting our bathroom, down to
the studs! I was the free manual labor.
We have put off the work in favor of traveling
and for some reason Linda has the bug to finish it.
We then had a late lunch with my in-laws and a
visit with my Mom. Finally home to paint.
More snow on the way... I am desperate for Spring!


Sarita said...

This painting makes me miss California so bad. Thanks for the post and Iook foward to seeing more as a new follower.


Autumn Leaves said...

The horizon is so spot on Cali, at least from what I remember when I've been there a few times. Beautiful work, Andy. And sounds like yesterday was a day for getting things done! That always feels good, yes? We are currently hovering at 1 degree. Blech.