Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reworked bricks!

4"x 6" Watercolor
$225.00 ~ contact the studio
There is a story behind this painting. I wanted
to show how to paint bricks in one of my classes.
So I took watercolor paper in 14x18 and did a
drawing and started the under painting on the bricks.
After class I just put it away. Linda dug it out and
asked if I intended on finishing it. I said no, I did not
like the overall composition and could not see it going
anywhere. She took it and cut it down to this size and
I saw a whole new potential. I reworked the drawing
and finished it. I fell in love with the new look.


Autumn Leaves said...

This is an awesome piece so I'm so glad Linda dug it out and got you to see it with new eyes. It really is gorgeous and you can almost reach out and touch those rough hewn bricks. Looks like many of the Chicago bungalow homes.

Sunny said...

Beautiful! Sometimes it helps to have another "eye".

Julie Riker said...

Love it Andy! So glad you finished it.

MJBirch said...


Andy, just where would you be without Linda? Just saying...