Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oranges at the Hearst

4"x6" Watercolor
$250. Contact the Studio
I found this still life in the amazing kitchen
at the Hearst Castle , San Simeon, CA
Notice the reflections on the stainless counter.

My morning class was snowed in so I used my
time to shovel and then paint. I also gave a
little talk at Landis Homes. Below are some
of my fan club. I think I enjoyed their stories
more than they enjoyed mine! How easy to
forget they have lived a full and exciting life.
Landis Homes requested NO Photo so I removed it...


Autumn Leaves said...

Gorgeous crockery bowl and fabulous vintage tile work, Andy. And the grout? Methinks you have a knack!

bob ragland said...

Hi Andy,
Good idea to do the art talks.
I do them here in Denver.I cover the art scene in Denver, etc.
People always want to know what our art live art like.
Dean Mitchell was here last week.
He's in the Coors Art Show.
He sold a $12,500 watercolor.
He's a nice guy and humble too.

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

Hello Bob, I have always gone to retirement homes and schools to speak. Just a good way to give back. I would LOVE to meet Dean Mitchell, heard he was very nice.
Hope you are well and staying busy.