Monday, January 31, 2011

Gettysburg #1

6"x 4" Watercolor
$275.00 Studio Price ~SOLD!
Not sure which barn this is but it was on the
Battlefield deep in snow.

Just back from a wonderful weekend in Gettysburg,
PA with friends. The snow on the battlefield
inspired me! Gettysburg in winter is truly beautiful
and there were no lines!
Here's our itinerary...
Saturday we spent a few hours in
the Visitors Center. A must for the start of any
Gettysburg visit! Next was a Battlefield Tour
with an independent tour group. Wes was perfect.
I highly recommend this tour. We stayed at
Doubleday Inn right on the Battlefield. Again,
perfect with great views. Dinner at Cashtown Inn,
top notch food. Sunday we concentrated on town
with a visit to David Wills House and then the
Old Town Tour which again was fantastic.
A perfect weekend

Rolling Hills ~ 4"x 6" Watercolor

I am studying the landscape, which I find so
different than here in the East. A different
range of colors. This will be my last California
piece for a while since I am distracted with

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Autumn Leaves said...

Oh the northeast part of this country is so beautiful, especially the Pittsburgh surrounding areas and all the way up into upstate NY! Haven't been north of there (except to Niagara) yet, but I love it! Still, each part of this country has amazing vistas that would keep a painter going forever! Both of these paintings are so lovely, Andy!