Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lancaster County Landscape

Lancaster County Landscape
4"x6" ~ $250.00 ~ Contact the studio

I am busy working on my two commissions,
going back and forth between the two. One is now
ready for paint and one is almost finished.
I am hanging out in the kitchen area because the studio is being used to box orders and
Linda was at the kitchen table with show applications
spread out from one end to the other. Hard to believe
we have to squeeze that in before the end of the year.
But many shows have due dates in December so she
needs to look over the 2011 schedule. Linda starts to
get restless this time of year so I need to be listening and
be careful how I respond to questions like... how about
Atlanta; haven't been there in a while, can we go to
Kentucky twice in a season, how far is Belleville, IL,
we could stop and see Esther in IN on the way...
can we do two weekend shows in Ohio and
stay with Bruce and Kathy (our good Ohio friends)...
You get the idea!

Keep calling with your orders, I am told we are on
schedule with shipping.

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