Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday check in...

My day did not go as planned! Linda scheduled
to have work done on our porch which required
me to help clean it off. I also had to unpack and
layout all the wet tarps from Sundays wet show.
I had a new client visit at noon and it was my
pleasure to sell them a few paintings. Another
new client came at 5 to order a commission.
So it was a financially productive day, just not
painting productive. Oh, I forgot to tell you that
I won "favorite artist" award at Chadds Ford.
People walking around had to vote and I won
the most votes and $200!

Since I do not have a blog today I thought I would
share the painting I have been working on.

You can click on the photo to make it larger.
Step 1: my drawing... you can see the pencil lines
I consider this the most important part of my paintings.
Step 2: I started with thin washes of Cadmium Yellow
on all the lemons, painting around the areas I am
saving for highlights.
Step 3: I am now ready to go back into my lemons
with more depth and detail. Using a mixture of Cadmium
Orange and Permanent Rose I gradually painted in the
darker areas of the lemons, blending back into the yellow.
I stopped here. I will be doing this over all the lemons.
More to follow!


Anonymous said...

So glad you won favorite artist. You had my vote...

Michael said...

Great meeting you and thanks for taking the time to explain how you do such incredible work! I look forward to following your blog. Check out mine if you get some time. : )

jultipdesign said...

Glad to hear you won favorite artist. You had my vote. I like your blog also, very interesting. I am sure it will be oneof my favorites. I especially like the work from the Shaker village.