Monday, August 30, 2010

Shaker Village Still Life #2

5"x 5" Watercolor
$200.00 ~ Contact the Studio
Wooden Shaker boxes have such a simple
design and understated color.

Linda bought a "light box" for me to take my
photo's in. Sounds so easy... I should have
much clearer photos of my paintings...
We will see, bare with me while I experiment!

We are back home after 6 days away!
The Franciscan Monastery was a bit of a
disappointment. Just not what Linda was
hoping for, she thinks maybe around Easter
time would be better but I don't think we'll
go back. We did a quick walk around the
grounds and then changed plans and headed
to an old favorite of ours called
Kenilworth Aquadic Gardens. Its in a really
rough end of DC but worth the drive, just lock
your doors! I took about 100 photos of water
lilies in every color possible!
Thursday, Abbey went with us to Hillwood Estate
which was excellent but I did not take many
photos. It was great seeing Abbey and Ben.
Then it was off to Portsmouth VA for a show.
Great weather, so-so crowds and so-so sales.
I did get a painting almost finished...

Below is a photo of me painting at the
Seawall Art Show in VA. The photo was
taken by Alvin Swilley...
thank you!

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Autumn Leaves said...

So these are called 'Shaker boxes?' I've seen them before but did not know what they were called. Beautiful work on them, Andy, as always. Love the photo of the artist hard at work. So sorry that you and Linda didn't enjoy the one spot but of course, there is always something else to see and enjoy, yes? I'll bet Abbey and Ben were over the moon to have you two visit!