Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Barn at Hale Farm

6"x 4" watercolor

This place was a gold mine of subjects for me.
Who doesn't like the color "barn red"! There is
a hint of a stone building on the left, maybe a
spring house, and an over all nice pastoral

These miniature paintings have all the detail
of my larger paintings. You do not have to
hang them, I have clients that just set them
around. They look great on a bookshelf!

My watercolor classes start in 20 days...
If you want to tweak your style I am happy
to help and if you are a beginner I can get you
started! If you just want to sit and paint, that
works too! For more info, call or email.

1 comment:

Autumn Leaves said...

Indoor scenes, indoor stills, do it all with so much skill and beauty, Andy. Hoping you get a full house with your workshop. Your works on my one day I want to buy list. Right now we are two unemployed adults barely managing. Hopefully that will change soon!