Thursday, July 15, 2010


4"x 6" Watercolor ~ $175.
This is a study for a larger painting I
am starting tomorrow. I wanted a
change from still life. I concentrated
on getting the feel of the apples. To work
out the colors and pattern. They were
hanging on a tree but I did not finish
the leaves, just gave the impression of a

I also have a commission to start so I
will not get a blog done tomorrow.
It is Linda's birthday, she is spending
tomorrow with her Mom and then I
am taking her out dancing (at Sunnybrook)
in the evening. Music from the 70's...
Never did master The Hustle!


AutumnLeaves said...

Ooh, disco night!! Happy birthday, Linda!!!

Love the apples, Andy. Very nicely done with perfect blends of colors. I'm not sure if it is the long slender leaves but for some reason, this seems tropical! Gorgeous though...

kgingy said...

Love the light open feel of the unfinished foilage. Very inviting...makes me long for Fall weather, and a crisp apple.