Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pot of Greens

4"x 6" Watercolor ~ $225. SOLD!

The values of terra cotta were a study
in itself. Look at all the shades of one
color and how it is harmonious with the

And today is a new day...
The only thing I can control is my painting.
My life can be hectic but I can sit at my
desk and bury myself in my work. Add my
faith to that and I am back to my old self.
Linda spends a few hours pulling weeds in
her garden and we are both ready for the next
weekend. Abbey and Ben are coming home
for a friends wedding so we will see them for a
hot moment and celebrate their 1st anniversary.
Can you believe it has been a year. Last year
today we were landing in Paris with friends.
We are celebrating with the same friends next
weekend in Cleveland, Ohio!

Here some of us are in Paris. Rashetta, Joan,
me and my lovely wife, Linda, and Beth (my sister-in-law)
and my brother Carl. What memories!


AutumnLeaves said...

Your comments on the painting echoed my own thoughts. Beautiful brick work and I am awed by how lovely the pot looks sitting atop them. Must say I am confused a bit, though Andy. I thought your wife was Linda. Your wife is Beth? Or are they one and the same? At any rate, hoping you two have a great, great weekend and that sales are up for you!

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

Yes, my wife is Linda the one sitting aside of me and next is my brother Carl and his wife Beth! I
went back in and made it more clear!! Thank you for all your generous comments, I always enjoy them. Blessings to you, Andy

Sunny said...

Have been following yout painting on DPP. I love the rich colors in this one! You always do a fantastic job, Andy. Hope you have a good show in Ohio. You are blessed with a wonderful talent!