Monday, April 26, 2010

2010 Tulip Study

4"x 6" Original Watercolor

While Linda has been busy in her garden
I brought my painting outside to keep her
company. The tulips looked so nice, at
least the ones the squirrels did not carry
away! I thought I would give them a try.

Below is my latest larger painting, I finished
it this weekend at the show. It will be framed
in 18x24 No title or price as of now!
If it looks familiar, I painted a study on
the blog a while back and thought it would
look great large. I am very happy with it.

Been busy around here, to busy to get a blog
painting finished each day. I can't even
remember what I have been doing. We were on
a hunt for a new used camper so we were driving
all over looking at them. Finally found one in Maryland.
I pick it up this week. I now need to get our
old one ready to sell. Linda lost one of her good
earrings which she wore everyday and that disrupted
the household for a few days. You would have thought
these things were a carat for as upset as she was.
I bought them for her years ago and I would never
have guessed she was that sentamential about them,
and trust me the diamond is small!! I get huge
brownie points for finding it in the carpet in the studio.
We have been playing with cleaning out the pond
and for the time already invested it is still dirty.
We decided to empty it and power wash it the next
warm day this week. Had a good show this past
weekend which means the mortgage will be paid!
I am expecting this week to be equally as busy but
I am trying to budget some painting time.

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AutumnLeaves said...

Love hearing about life in the Andy household; makes someone talented (and therefore 'famous' in my eyes) seem more real and approachable! LOL I really love the tulip painting, Andy. Had to double check whose blog I was reading for a second but no surprise to see that clean and crisp style was your own. I was really grabbed by the shadows you painted behind those shutters on the porch exterior. I'm not sure many would have caught that. Well done and another gorgeous painting there too. Yay for mortgages getting paid!