Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Winter Series #13

3.5"x6" Original Miniature Watercolor
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I am driving Linda crazy with all
these odd size paintings. I found
her stash of scrap watercolor paper
and it is just plain fun to play with
something this small.
Winter Series #14
3.5"x2.5" Original Miniature Watercolor
Another study from French Creek.

More snow!!! I have a show booked for the
weekend in Hockessin, DE.
"To go or Not to go"...that is the question.

I finished another of my larger projects.
I painted this one for my own pleasure.
My friend Ray is a missionary and travels
to Liberia and he allows me to use his

Mother and Child
~ image: 20"x 16"
NFS...I want to live with it for a while!
I will offer it for sale later.


AutumnLeaves said...

There is something so soft in mom's eyes, Andy. The child, however, seems to have the wisdom of the ages on his/her shoulders. Love the watercolors...The sun seems to be trying hard to show a bit of color behind the lower cloud...I saw this and instantly thought "Ramains of the Day."

Linda said...

very "iconic" in style, with the child looking mature; somewhat analygous to the Theotokos "Hodegetria" style as in the icon at