Monday, February 23, 2009


Original Watercolor Painting
23"x 17" image
$2500. SOLD!

Click over the image for a larger view!

Framed in 28"X 21" with an acid free, double mat
and a shaker style flat frame with a walnut finish.
This painting turned out even better than I hoped.
I worked on it all weekend and all day today and I
did not have my camera along so I was unable to
share the progress. But I am pretty proud of the
way it turned out.

We spent the day today with Linda's old roommate.
I painted while the girls were researching France
information. Joan... if you are reading this... It was
great seeing you again and Linda had a wonderful day
with you. Since I finished my large painting there
is not enough time to paint a blog piece. I did put a
few more prints on eBay and the prices are a deal.

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Pat M. said...

Magnificent! Love it!