Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Series #4

4"x 6" original watercolor

I needed a little change from landscapes.
There is still snow, some blew in onto the
bench and there is some on the ground.
In fact it is pretty deep, the plants are
peaking out. But I made it a sunny day,
you can see the shadows across the bricks.
I personally needed the sunshine!

It was a quiet day here at the studio. We
ran a few errands in the morning. I set up
the tables for classes. Linda and I promised
to practice our ballroom dancing for a half
hour every day so we worked on our foxtrot.
Not ready for the public yet but certainly good
for a few laughs. Other than that I painted all
day. Linda talked to Abbey and she mentioned
I needed to paint patriotic (flag) themed
paintings during the inauguration week. Sounds
like I could do that. I can put Winter on hold!
So if you have something that fits this~send it
my way. Abbey has a half hour added to her
bus ride because Obama is in town (DC) and
they cannot drive past his hotel. She is feeling
the excitement. I need to mention UPS fees.
They went up again. Interesting that gas goes
down, they still have a fuel surcharge and an
increase. I raised my fee to $8 to ship these
paintings. It costs $10-12 to ship and I was
absorbing some of the cost plus all the packaging.
I am sorry to need to do that. T
he business
end of art stinks, I just want to paint...

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