Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pottery #10

6"x 4" original watercolor

Pottery is todays painting de jour!
Very well rendered if I say so myself.

I am tired. Tired of sitting and painting
12 hours a day. I have painted 29 days in
a row with out a break. Do not get me wrong,
I am so grateful for the sales that are going on
otherwise I could not get through winter. It is

just that I am temporally sick of looking at my
own paintings! Now this feeling could be coming
from my lack of getting out on my bike. This is
according to doctor Linda...But it is to cold for
me, even with the hothands I am still just to cold.
is busy at her desk, she is closing out the year
which takes a few days. I am totally glad that's not
my job! The show applications are piling up so I
guess that's next on the list for her to tackle. Which
means she will hold these little business meetings
asking me where I want to go... She will sign us up
all over the US if I am not a voice of reason. Last year
I could use the excuse that gas was way to high to go
to Texas!! I will need to give this some thought.
We may take in a movie tomorrow just to get out.


Anonymous said...

I discovered your work today, while checking out Ned Smith's work on E-bay. We own an original by Ned (who was a friend) and also a print of Big Red.
Have you been to the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art in Millersburg,PA?
I am interested in your work, since you have quite a
gift in catching the appeal in everyday objects.


Andy Smith said...

J.M - I am very familiar with Ned's work, he was a wonderful artist. I have not been to the center. It is not really that far from me so I have no good excuse. I am flattered that since you collect his work that you enjoy mine. That is a compliment. Thank you... Andy