Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Gate

5" x 5" original watercolor

Have I got a good painting today!! I had
fun with this one. I have it off center so
you get a view of the brick column. An
iron gate with a wreath and of course a
bow, it is the holidays after all! Strong
blue sky in the background. You can click
over top any of my paintings for a close up

This week is scheduled time with friends. We
started today with a long breakfast with good
friends. Actually, all our friends are good friends,
we value each of them. Then ran some errands.
Our Ohio friends from yesterday stopped in for
a little bit but I continued to paint while they
were visiting and I painted nonstop till now.
Linda and Jason went for groceries and Linda
has been in the kitchen since 5:00. I did not
mention that the holiday season is pretty special
around here. We start with Christmas, which
is also Linda and my wedding anniversary. We
are married 29 years! Then Abbeys birthday
is the day after (12/26) In case you are counting
she was born 4 years later!! She just turned 25.
And to top it off... my birthday is New Years Day.
I will be 56! Wow, even I cannot believe that one.
Now traditionally, Linda makes the birthday
person what ever meal they desire. However it
is New Years and she is into pork and
not me! So my meal will be later in the week but
I do get this decadent, heavy, fabulous
calorie filled carrot cake. It is setting there now
for frosting calling me... Andy...psst, I am
here for your total pleasure...
I plan to indulge
in it for the next 3 days...
and I prefer not to share!!!
I need to get the blog on early tomorrow, like around
3PM because we are headed to friends for dinner,
movies and to watch the ball drop.

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