Wednesday, November 12, 2008

8 Days till Open House!

Behind the scenes of Open House...

Yes... I am still painting and yes there is still
lots of work to do!
All day Monday and into the evening Linda and
I framed my originals. I love to see them all framed
and looking their best. It is a good sense of
accomplishment. Tuesday, Linda did an inventory and
had a bit more framing she wanted to do. I spent the
morning at the eye doctor, just a check up and then into
downtown Lancaster to get a haircut. Then it was back
to painting for me. Today was the start of set up.
We keep all the prints in the studio and set up all the
Originals in our house, which is connected.
It starts to feel real now. We start with the house...
We move furniture and clear out a few rooms.
Then we set up my show panels. After 20 years of
having my open house in the house we live in we pretty
much have a plan, although Linda changes it around
a little. It is a whole days work and requires patience,
team work and a little muscle.

setting up
the show

I am
the cords
for the
lights, and
a prayer
for a

good show while down on my knees!!

are up

Linda, not
to happy
having a
photo taken!


well not
Linda will
the paintings
times until
something tells her it is perfect! She has some method
of grouping and themes... I do not interfere with this
process. This is just one part of the panels.
There are two more areas of Originals to be set up
and hung. And since everything is moved, Linda
feels the need to clean... like we have time for that!

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Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I absolutely love all photo's you've been posting - showing the process of your open house. Wow, a lot of work. Linda is a jewel. I'm sure you'll have avery successful show. Not only are your paintings wonderful, but yours and Linda's marketing skills excell.