Thursday, October 16, 2008

Window Study #16

5" x 5" original watercolor

I am painting part of this view in a larger
painting and I needed to work out a few
problems so I decided to work them out in
a blog painting. This is an outside window
view. The window needs work and that
creates character! Nice old wood bucket
inside offers a focal point. The larger painting
will be at my open house.

I proofed my prints today. Which in printing
terms means I went to see that the color registration
was correct. It is the first step and I am required
to approve it. Looks great! I want a match in color
to the original so that is what I am approving.
Other than that I just
painted. Ok, I did go on an
early morning ride but
other than that I am chained
to my desk!

I had a free weekend but looked at my checkbook
and decided I better find a show! So anyone in the
Leesburg, VA area come out and see me.
Leesburg Court & Market Days from 10-4 on
Saturday 10/18 FREE!!
You can find me on North King Street.

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