Wednesday, October 29, 2008

22 Days till Open House!

I had my last class this morning. Teaching is over
until January. I spent 2 hours cutting down glass
to fit my odd size frames and then back to painting.
My Mom finally had her first physical therapy
appointment today, they are calling it a "tune-up"

Behind the Scenes of Open House...
1st… The new Prints
The planning starts with the picking of the new prints.
We start in September holding on to any painting that
is a possibility. I tend to pick paintings that were a
challenge or I thought turned out well or were different.
For that reason Linda picks what we print! She is looking
for a nice addition to the prints I already have since
many clients add to their collection. I keep painting until
something speaks to her, not sure what it says but she seems
to know when she sees the right one. She will tell you it is
just an instinct as to what she feels she can sell in quantity.
It takes several weeks of narrowing down her choices and
sitting and studying them which is a little unnerving for me.
Me… I’d have picked it in an hour!
Here are this years two new prints.

I use Pemcor in
Lancaster, PA for
my printing.

I ask for a "match"
color to the original,
same size as the
original with a
1"border. 450 prints

I had my order appointment on 10/14. I have used Pemcor
many years and they just know what I want. You need a
printer who is used to doing art prints. I was called in to
proof the color, and this past Monday I was there for the
final color check and watch them run my prints. They are
drying and I will get them in a few days.

Meanwhile, the next step is to title them and write the
copy for the sell sheets. I have fun with this, throwing
out any odd ball title I can come up with just to
watch Linda roll her eyes at me. There is an “ideas”
tablet that anyone around can offer their opinion. One
year she picked a title from one of my students. But
there are rules! One or two word titles so it is easy to
remember and easy for me to write on a sales receipt
and it must make sense when viewing the print.
We went with "Harvest Moon" and "Southern Charm"
and you will need to wait a week until they are on my
website to read the copy!
I am back to my painting.

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