Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pastoral View #9

6" x 4" original watercolor

This large animal was headed out into the pasture
when I called he turned his head to look back.
I really do not think that little fence would keep him
in. The pasture was wonderfully lush and I loved the
way the blue sky looked against the green trees.

Linda and I were both up at 5am today. I went
to my men's prayer group and Linda went to her desk
to try to catch up. At 9 we quit work and took out
the tandem for a ride. I promised Linda breakfast
if she rode with me. We rode 11 miles. It was nice
to get out. Then it was back to work. I sketched one
of my commissions and it is ready for paint and I also
managed to get a blog done. At 6pm we met some friends
for dinner. It was a pretty good day. I am a bit
concerned with the weekend weather forecast, I have
Chadds Ford show which is one of my best. I am out
$500 for my space and they are calling for heavy rain.
I am really trying not to think about it until Friday.
That's not working real well, can't help but be a bit worried.

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