Tuesday, July 1, 2008


5" x 5" original watercolor $225.00
contact: andy@andysmithartist.com

I painted this as a study sketch for a larger
painting. I needed to figure out the upper
part of the windmill. Study the sky against the
dark treetops. To get a better feel for the painting.
I also did a sketch in my sketch book.

Below is the large painting. I used this one as my
demo painting at my show in Ohio this past weekend.
You can see the pencil lines. For the blue sky, I wet
the area I wanted blue and then added color, let it
dry and added more blue. I will go back to that later.

I am painting around the clouds, saving the white paper.
I then painted an under painting of yellow ochre which
you can no longer see, covering the trees. On top of the
yellow I started layering my green. The size is about
20x23. I will share more on this piece as I get more

My past weekend was wet. It was a good quality show
and I did ok. Not great but ok. Every time it started to
get momentum, it stormed. Water is just laying
everywhere in that part of Ohio. I had to unpack
everything today to dry it out. Tents, camper, painting...

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Jelaine Faunce said...

This is really beautiful, Andy. Keep up the great work!