Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday check in

Checking in is all I have time to squeeze in tonight.
There is no blog painting today...

I was up early for a bike ride, wonderful morning!
Then back to reality...
I had a little time to do a few chores that needed
caught up; like getting the air conditioners into the
windows, moving some boxes for Linda, and other
mundane manly things that require muscle!
At 11 I took my Mom to the eye doctor for her
follow up appointment. This takes a bit of time and
patience. When I returned home I started right in on my
commission. This is almost a full sheet watercolor
and it is an athletic portrait. I wanted to get permission
to show the progress on my blog and I forgot to do
that today when my client stopped in. Did I mention
it is due early next week... I plan to work on it all weekend.
Tomorrow is another lost day. I am an official at our
elementary track meet from 9 to noon. I do it every year,
and I have to admit to ulterior motives, I get to chat
with the fast 6th graders and talk them into track next
year. The down side is it takes up my morning.
Then we are leaving by 1:00 to run down to DC to pick
up Abbey and Ben and bring them home for the weekend.
I am thinking Friday traffic on I95... who knows when we
will get back home.
That takes us to the weekend, remember the studio is
open for a miniature painting show, or should I
say miniature painting sale! Linda put it all up today and
there are an impressive 63 paintings. You don't want
to miss this.

Annual Miniature Original Show
Held at my studio/home in Lititz, PA
All Prints and larger Original Paintings are also available.
I will be painting all day so stop in and watch!
Sat. 9am-5pm ~ free! rain or shine

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