Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunset over Landscape...

6" x 4" original watercolor

Sunset has always been a favorite time
of day for me. I love it. The sky seems
to create; with the help of the light from
the setting sun; a beautiful mural.
I have tried to recreate one of these special
moments in watercolor.

We were home this weekend for the last on for several
weeks So we packed it full. All day Saturday was spent
helping with the big Post Office food drive at out local
food bank. Then we met friends for dinner and a movie.
We went to see the documentary "Young at Heart"
It was absolutely fabulous. I highly recommend it. Sunday,
Mothers day was quiet. Linda received a beautiful bouquet
of flowers from Abbey and Ben and Rashetta called from
Sacramento, so she was happy. Linda spent most of her day
in her garden quietly and happily by herself I have no idea
what she does out there! I took off for a 40 mile bike ride.
It will be hectic next week. My Moms caretaker broke her
foot and cannot caretake for 6 weeks. So Linda may need to
stay home. My track league championships are Wednesday
and I am supposed to leave early Thursday morning for my show.
Not sure how it will all play out but I will keep you posted!

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