Thursday, February 14, 2008


5" x 5" original watercolor

I pretty much feel there is nothing I can't paint in
watercolor. Now that is not said to brag, just that
I feel pretty confident in my skills...most of the time.
Since I announced my kiss plan last night I could
hardly back out of a challenge. And you know who
threw out that challenge! I was up to it...last night.
But when I started this morning I had serious artistic
doubts. After all we are talking foil. Crinkled up foil...
In fact I threatened to quit several times. Linda was
not too impressed with the progress and I admit it had
some ugly stages! It had a very abstract quality
in fact you could barely tell what it was. I took the
photo below so you could see the progress.

There are so many facets
of color; you may be thinking
plain ole silver. But that is
not in my palette. I kept at
it and am presenting you
with a finished piece.
Since it is Valentines Day I
am starting the bidding at $30!


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